Our Produce

We currently stock a wide range of hand-made, small batch, cold-smoked produce that includes:

Mesquite smoked spiced mixed nuts: a mix of almonds, cashews, pecans and walnuts, smoked for 8 hours over mesquite, and then tumbled in our spice mix of cumin, cayenne pepper, english mustard powder, and brown sugar.

Hickory smoked almonds: classic and super-smokey using this characteristic wood for a strong, rounded flavour. No preservatives, additives or any nasties. Pure and tasty.

Cardamom & Tea smoked cashews: one of our best-selling products. Our Indian cashews are roasted and salted and then smoked over a mix of alder, ground cardamom pods and black tea. They are irresistable! We highly recommend buying more than one packet!

Pecan smoked honey roasted almonds with rosemary: the nut that sent them wild at The Wells Food Festival, selling out within a couple of hours. Almonds roasted in honey and sprinkled with Dorset Sea Salt and fresh organic rosemary, before being smoked over pecan wood. Sweet, savoury and smokey, these are inticing, complex and extremely moreish!

Hickory smoked pumpkin seeds: roasted, salted and smoked over hickory, these seeds make a gorgeous snack.

Cherry & Chestnut smoked cheddar: our mature cheddar is made close to us in Somerset. We smoke it over cherry to bring out the sweetness and chestnut to emphasise its nuttiness. Together, the blend of wood complements the cheddar creating a deep, rich taste that is as far away from supermarket smoked cheeses as you can get!

Alder & Pecan smoked Edam: this is a revelation! Edam lends itself beautifully to being smoked. Alder gives it a background, light smokiness and the pecan brings nuttiness and oodles of flavour that complements the rich creaminess of the cheese itself.

Alder smoked salmon: customers have commented this is the best smoked salmon they have ever eaten! For us, Alder is the only smoke for salmon. We employ a traditional technique by using only salt to cure the fish, then drying it for two days, before placing it for up to 20 hours in the smoker.

Oak smoked salt: we use salt from The Dorset Sea Salt Company, hand-harvested from the Jurassic Coast’s world famous mineral rich waters. We delicately smoke it over oak for up to 30 hours enhancing the salt and infusing a deep, rich smokey aroma.

Oak smoked pepper: you’ve got to try this! The oak we use supercharges the piquant notes of the pepper making this a whole new spice experience for your larder and your palate.

Smoked garlic: we smoke our garlic for a long, long time, ensuring each clove is infused, and each bulb turns an intense, amber colour.